Discovering Crete: Unspoilt Nature And Breathtaking Beaches

Don’t worry, we’ll cheer you up. Here is the second part of our article on Crete’s most beautiful beaches. If you’ve been gaping at the pink sand of Elafonisi or the crystal-clear water of Voulisma, wait until you see the rest.

As we always say: stop dreaming, book one of our villas and experience it first hand!


The beach of Kedrodasos is the perfect alternative to the beach of Elafonisi: their proximity makes them very similar, but unlike the latter, the beach of Kedrodasos is still little known. This allows you to enjoy the spectacle in complete tranquillity. Kedrodasos is a protected area of Crete and there are no facilities in the vicinity, which makes the place even more intimate and secluded (and often frequented by naturists). The presence of very light sand and smooth rocks contribute to a picture that has nothing to envy from exotic beaches. The sea is always flat because the area is more protected from the winds than neighbouring Elafonisi. The landscape takes on unreal colours, from light blue to electric blue with dark spots revealing patches of posidonia growing on the seabed. In areas where the water is very shallow, it feels like being in natural pools. We recommend that you bring everything you need for a day at sea and, above all, that you treat this unspoilt corner of nature with the utmost respect.


Balos Lagoon

The Balos Lagoon is a lagoon separated from the bay of the same name by a tongue of sand that joins the promontory of Corico to Cape Tigani, in the most north-western part of the island of Crete, in Greece. A few small prerequisites for an unforgettable experience: before venturing along the unpaved road that will lead you to the Balos Lagoon you will have to pay a 1 euro fee for the protection of the Gramvousa Reserve and the preservation of the road. After that the route starts to get tricky with potholes, uneven ground and goats crossing the road. In about 20 minutes at a very low speed you reach a large car park. To reach the beach you have to walk for another 20 minutes on a path with a wonderful view over the lagoon and the sea. Don’t be put off by the somewhat challenging path – you will be rewarded by a breathtaking landscape with a Caribbean beach and crystal-clear water.


Seitan Limania Beach

Setain Limania beach, also called Agios Stefanou, is located on the Akrotiri peninsula. It has white sand and turquoise sea, all set in a beautiful cove. Until recently it was only frequented by locals and friendly goats, but nowadays it is very crowded at weekends. We recommend a midweek visit. To get to Devil’s Beach (another name for the beach in Seitan Limania) you can leave your car in a nearby car park and take the central road at the fork in the road, which you will find in front of you: in 10 minutes you will reach the beach and your walk will be enlivened by a beautiful landscape. The perfect solution for those who want to enjoy the natural beauties of Crete without renouncing to pubs, beach clubs and exquisite restaurants! Don’t you want to leave yet? We already have a selection of villas that will suit you! Send an email to and together we can plan the perfect holiday.